Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lazy Sunday...

but still rather productive. It's been lazy in-as-so much that we haven't done any of the boring but necessary things we always try, and often fail, do get done on a Sunday, such as cleaning and laundry. I did instead spend most of my day making this bag from a book called 'Weekend Sewing' by Heather Ross, and I am really rather proud over it:

And here you can see the lining as well:

I really started it last Saturday, with tracing and cutting the pattern and fabric, and yesterday I attached the pocket to the inside lining, and divided it so I get a mobile pocket, as well as a larger one. I did the rest of it today, as Alex decided to get up at half past five, I thought I might as well get something interesting done. Everything went very smooth, until the very last seam, one of the handles, when all of a sudden the needle appeared to be hitting something whenever I tried to reverse, it was making an awful noise and eventually the needle broke. I changed it, of course, tried it on another piece of material, all was fine, so I went back to the handle, and it broke again! After a fair amount of faffing about, it started working fine again, I still don't know actually why it wouldn't work, maybe it was just a bit to thick and I somehow straightened it out in the end. Either way, you'd have thought that whilst spending all that time attaching the handle I would have had checked that it was on straight and wasn't twisted in the middle, wouldn't you? Well I hadn't. So I had to rip it up and start over again. That last 15 or so centimeter probably took me as long as the rest of the bag combined to complete, but in the end it got done, and I have already had some use out of it. I used it to carry home some groceries this afternoon, and it really holds an amazing amount of stuff. I will definitely be making more stuff from that book, there really are loads of really nice, and useful things, and it is easy to understand what you are suppose to be doing.

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  1. Men så himla snygg den blev! Men visst är det märkligt så det kan gå troll i vissa delar. Ser verkligen fram emot att få se vad som kommer härnäst.

    Kram till er alla!