Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's Christmas!!!!

Oh yes, and the celebrations are in full swing. It started in earnest on Tuesday, when David and I attended our first ever nativity play as parents. We had forgot to bring a camera, I mean really! But a kind dad to a class friend of Alex took a photo of Alex and e-mailed it to me:

I think the enormity of the occasion escaped Alex somewhat, as he mostly sat and looked up in the ceiling looking decidedly bored. But we were treated to some beautiful singing as they preformed 'Little donkey', 'Away in the manger' and, randomly, 'The little drumerboy'. The actual nativity was preformed by year two pupils, and was much like all other nativity plays ever.

On Thursday Trissy attended a Christmas party at the Salvation Army's toddler group, unfortunately there are no photos from there, as we are not allowed to take any. One of the organisers took some for their hall, and I did ask that he e-mailed me any of just Trissy, but as I have not heard from him I assume there weren't any without other children in. Much fun was had though, Trissy made Christmas decorations, had some scrummy food, and got to see Father Christmas and got a package with three books in, which I was really very impressed by, bearing in mind we only paid a few pounds to attend. There were also some singing and story reading, but Trissy was busy having a go at all the toys whilst they were free.

The lavish celebrations continued last night at the children's nanny's house (that's grandmother, not a personal child carer by the way). We did mange to get quite a few pictures from there, Alex took a few himself.

Alex with my car key, before we sat off.

At the party.

The littlest relation. Jamie, son of Alex and Trissy's cousin Mick. Photo by Alex.

That's our Christmas so far, hopefully I'll be able to post some more updates later.