Friday, 26 February 2010


Yesterday was Alex's birthday, he turned three. We have had two birthday parties, one on Sunday gone, for all his friends, and on the day itself we had the family over, the English side of the family that is. It's the first year Alex has really been aware of it being his birthday, and being able to look forward to it so it was a bit special. It's funny though with all the planning and preparing and cleaning, and then it is all over in about two hours, it is all rather knackering. Here is a few pictures from the day:

Alex on his birthday scooter, with his birthday hat!

With the cake

After the party in his new Postman Pat pj's

I haven't really had a chance to work on their height chart, not least because most flat surfaces has been covered in chocolate cake recently, but I have got some work done on a flower fairy cross stitch I'm doing for my niece Poppy. No prices for guessing which flower fairy. I'm going to add her name and date of birth to it when it's done, like a birth record. But it is quite big and fiddly, so I'm hoping to have it done for her 1st birthday, in December! This is what I've done this far:


  1. Men du har ju kommit långt!!! Den kommer att bli helt underbar, och jag tror inte det spelar nån roll om den blir klar nu eller om ett år. Den kommer garanterat att bli lika uppskattad när det än blir.

    Och visst är det världens finaste treåring?

  2. Nu verkar det ju vara en bit fram i planeringen, men när du ska fylla i födelsedatumet, så tänk på att det är i november hon fyller år. :-)
    Ser fram emot att få se den klar. Och väldigt fina bilder på Alex. Herregud vad han har vuxit sen jag såg honom sist...