Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Oh dratt!

I appear to have lost the bag I made some time back, I would make a little link here for you to my earlier post, but I can't work out quite how to do that so you'll just have to scroll back to see it. It would have been quite annoying enough had it just been the bag which was lost, but in it was the green dress, which I was making a few adjustments too, and a rather lovely project bag in which I kept both my fabric scissors, and another pair of scissors, as well as a fair few sewing extras I had treated myself too over the last few months as well as the latest number of Ottobre and a Swedish sewing magazine my mum had just sent over, I just kept them in the bag to show the other ladies at the course. So essentially I've lost the first two things I've ever really completed, as well as some of my most expensive sewing equipment, so I am a little bit upset. I will however brush myself down and carry on, I hope to post fairly soon on some new project.

1 comment:

  1. Nej, fy fan..........!

    Blev du av med den på bussen? Antar att var det än var så har någon lagt beslag på den, är väl ingen idé att fråga på nån hittegodsavdelning. Usch, så jag lider med dej, det känns ända in i själen och hjärterötterna.