Sunday, 29 January 2012


This weekend has been the RSPB's 'Big Garden Birdwatch', which is all about people around the country spending one hour during the weekend counting birds in their garden or local park, to give a picture of how the population of some of our more common birds are doing. Naturally we were going to take part, so we packed up a winter picnic, including a flask of hot chocolate of course, and set of to Plumstead gardens, we thought with our two cats the chance of seeing any birds in our garden was a bit too slim.

We saw two crows

and two feral pigeons
We also saw four dogs, some daisies, a lot of grass and some holly berries.
I feel compeled to let you know that I have not taken these pictures, I can't find the charging lead for my camera at the moment, so I googled for some pictures, which is why they do look a bit more summery than would be expected this time of year. The picture of Plumstead Gardens is taken from almost exactly were we were sitting though.
The boys also chased each other, found a hill to roll down and played hide and seek.

Once we were ready to leave, we had just time to rush home and change some of the more muddy articles of clothing and wipe some chocolaty faces before setting out on new adventures. This time we were of to the new post office in Plumstead, imagen the exitement!  Sadly Tristan fell asleep on the way there, so he didn't get the tour, but Alex got to see where the letters are sorted, where his dad works, and where our letters goes before they go in the post bag. He also helped serving a few costumers, and helped locating their parcels, and eventually he got weighed on the big scales where they weigh the bags before the postmen goes out on their rounds.
Tristan did wake up as we were walking past the carpark, so he did get to see the 'Pat van' which probably were the most exiting for him anyway.

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